The cornerstone of a man's wardrobe.


Every man needs a suit and depending on your profession and social life, some may need more than others. With an abundance of options in fabric and custom styles, Lucca Hill will be sure to make your suits personal to you.

Sport coats can help represent our personalities and enhance our wardrobes.

Sport Coats

Where suits are for few occasions, sport coats are for many. From the more traditional coat for dinner at the club, to a cool casual coat for a night out on the town, to a super sporty unstructured jacket for a party at the beach, Lucca Hill has what you need to customize your closet.

Everyone has them in their closet, but have you tried a custom one?


A button down dress shirt is the most widely worn article of clothing for men of all kinds. Everyone has them in their closet, but have you tried a custom one? It’s the fit of our shirts that will please you most. Once you try one on, made just for you, you will never go back to an off the rack shirt. Along with your ideal fit we offer a variety of fabrics and options that you won’t see anywhere else.

Timeless no matter which style you choose.

From galas, weddings, and work events to holiday parties, and even your own wedding day, Lucca Hill will be there to make your tuxedo according to your personality and your fit and always full of class.

Ties, bow ties, pocket squares and suspenders


Ties, bow ties, pocket squares and suspenders are some of the accessories we offer to match and enhance your style for a complete outfit. If you want accessories, we will style coordinating options for you so all you have to do is pick from the options we put together. We also have a cool option to have your accessories hand monogrammed for a personal finishing touch!


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